MED4EBM in Italy involves local administrations for a more sustainable coastal management


Following the review of the system cause-effect analysis document carried out by the Ecosystem-Based Management (EBM) working group on the Gulf of Corigliano area in Italy, participatory meetings with stakeholders are being planned, at the end of which the decision support system (DSS) will be finalized and proposals for management measures for the Italian area will be formulated.

In addition to the workshops with the area's socio-economic stakeholders, side-events are also planned during the same period in May 2023. Specifically, a training day has been reserved for administrators of the area's municipalities, framed as a capacity-building activity. Local administrations are the final recipients of the governance protocols of integrated coastal zone management (ICZM) that the project will make available.

The training includes analysis of case studies and already implemented applications of integrated ecosystem management on coastal zones, with the aim of gathering opinions on the project proposals and deepening the participatory methodology.

In addition to participatory events dedicated to institutional stakeholders, a public communication event is also planned to raise awareness on sustainability and the opportunities that integrated ecosystem management represents for the development of the area.