MED-QUAD in Tunisia launches a tender for the purchase of laboratory equipment for Smart Water Use Applications living lab


Τhe MED-QUAD project partners establish and equip the Mediterranean Cross-border Living Labs' premises to implement joint actions to support education, research, technological development, and innovation. The living lab on Smart Water Use Applications (SWUAP) will exploit ICT technologies and Key Enabling Technologies for water use optimization, consumption and reduction.  


The University of Sousse  (Uso) is partner of the MED-QUAD project. The project partner from Tunisia seeks offers to purchase equipment and software for the needs of the Smart Water Use Applications (SWUAP) living lab. 


The equipment and software for the quality of water for irrigation, traceability of vegetables from fields to shops with a total value about 50.000 euros, will be provided thanks to the financial support of the European Union under the ENI CBC Mediterranean Sea Basin Programme. 




The text of the call is available at the following link:: (call) ( Avis d’A.O/ call number: 20220200633) 


The deadline for the submission of proposals is March 28th, 2022 


For more information about the bid details, contact to: 

Mr Mohamed ALI REGUEZ 

Purchase and techical Manager, Uso 

Tel: 00216 73368000 / 00216 73368126/ 0021698569731