MED GAIMS in Spain is empowering storytelling: how a story becomes the key to a whole gamified experience


In gamification we address the Tetrad, which consists of the 4 main bodies that divide any gamified experience:
-    Story
-    Mechanics
-    Platform
-    Art
Storytelling is one of the most important concepts in a game experience since it provides content that attracts the audience and can evolve during the same experience, thus becoming one of the rewards of the game.

In Vilanova i la Geltrú’s MED GAIMS project, the storytelling becomes the key to a whole set of experiences that walk under the umbrella of The Agency of Secrets. The Agency of Secrets is a stealthy organization of the XIXth century that protects secrets from falling in the wrong hands, and at the same time, has agents that are in charge of discovering more and more secrets of the town in order not to be forgotten.

The Agency of Secrets concept is based in real characters, facts and places, using the real history as a starting point for the whole narrative content; in some cases the gaps between historical facts are filled with fiction to create a new historical line of facts. The resulting storytelling is empowered by the use of real pictures, documents, and a whole set of background information that makes the fiction closer to reality.
Even the creation of audiovisual material in the same scenarios where the storytelling is held, when they are the same as in the foundation moment provides with the generation of real footage.