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MED GAIMS project is about to host a series of gamification fairs and public game launch events in four countries: BE READY

Starting June 2022, MED GAIMS will be sharing the joy of gamification in tourism with the public. These events come as a result of three years of joint work among teams from Lebanon, Italy, Spain, and Jordan. The outcome of this Mediterranean collaboration within MED GAIMS project was the production of 40 games which tourists can enjoy playing on selected tourists’ sites, and even off-site.  The first coming event will take place in Alghero, Italy on June 25-26th / 2022. Come on, join us and kick off the gaming season.

The event in Alghero will include a 2-day exhibition of all local games and selected games from the partner countries, as well as a conference and discussions with our game designers, game tours and demos. A final programme for the event is coming soon.

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