"MED GAIMS is of great help is supporting my plans of a gamification startup business": meet Shorouq Hammad, game developer from Jordan


I am Shorouq Hammad, a graduate of Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST), with a B.Sc degree in Computer Information Systems. Since my graduation, I have cumulated a 3 years’ experience in game design and development. Part of this experience has been with MED GAIMS project in Jordan.

My activities under this project is intended to tell the story of Gadara with a higher degree of tourists’ engagement. I am blending digital media with state-of-the-art hardware and software to provide a gamified product. My innovative game is designed to present Gadara in an attractive and interesting fashion that should increase visit longevity.

The game is a collection of diversified mini-games with different levels and targets that introduces the ancient civilizations of Gadara. It offers a sustainable touristic product even during off-season periods, ensuring an increasing level of attractiveness of the site and introducing it as a destination with desirable sightseeing compared to more popular sites such as Jarash.

Additionally, the application of the game at Gadara will help create jobs and opportunities for local SMEs and individual entrepreneurs. The game will hopefully trigger international partnerships, both public and private, to jointly utilize the point system and hence offer rewards to players that go in line with the characteristics of involved territories and promotional plans. 

The support that I am receiving from MED GAIMS is of great help is supporting my plans of a gamification startup business. Without its support I would have faced extreme challenges. The educational sessions that the project have held and the hackathons that were organized, were very informative regarding how to plan and accomplish the tasks within a gamification project. I am so grateful for MED GAIMS local partners for their efforts in allowing me to be part of this great endeavour.