MED GAIMS is bringing gamification, tourism and cultural heritage to meet in Alghero-Italy


After the event held last June to launch the Play Alghero system, Fondazione Alghero, PP3 of the MED GAIMS project, and the Municipality of Alghero organize a meeting dedicated to gamification, tourism and heritage, aimed at the public and private sectors of tourism and cultural heritage management. The objective of the meeting is to explore the theme of gamification as a tool for enhancing cultural heritage and innovating the tourist experience of visitors and citizens. 

"Gamification, tourism and cultural heritage: new strategies for the valorisation of territories", this is the title of the meeting scheduled for 1 December 2022 (starting 9:30 am) in the conference room of the Alghero Foundation, Largo Lo Quarter, which will focus in particular on the experience of #PLAYALGHERO, the path that the Coral Riviera has undertaken as part of the European project Med Gaims - Gamification For Memorable Tourist Experiences, funded by the Eni Cbc Med Programme 2014-2020.

Does discovering an area through play contribute to its tourist development? Does transforming the tourist and heritage experience into a playful activity favor the development of audiences? These and other issues will be at the centre of the discussion that will involve the participation of game designers, tourism experts and representatives of the regional cultural sector, invited to explore the role of gamification applied to tourism and cultural policies. Among them will be Fabio Viola, one of the leading experts in gamification and coordinator of the project developed in Alghero, Xavier Socias, game designer of the "Agency of Secrets" project, Luana Toniolo, Director of the Regional Museums Directorate of Sardinia, Giulia Eremita, expert in Digital Tourism Marketing and coordinator of the Digital strategy & innovation theme of the BTO, and Alessandro Cocco, Councillor for Tourism for the city of Alghero.  The day will open with institutional greetings from the mayor of Alghero Mario Conoci and the president of the Foundation Andrea Delogu.

This will be followed by the presentation of the #PLAYALGHERO game system by the Alghero Foundation, the Department of Architecture and Design of the University of Sassari, and the game designers who contributed to the creation of the games.  The aim of the initiative, above all, is to encourage the meeting between start-ups and game designers with cultural enterprises, institutions, organizations and bodies active in the tourism and cultural sector, interested in exploring the potential of gamification for imagining new ways of using heritage and the territory. In the afternoon, it will also be possible to test the games created.

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