[Med-EcoSuRe] The upcoming MED BeX.Live webinar will focus on the techno-economic assesment of on-grid PV systems


The 4th MED BeX.Live webinar will be hosted by the Energy Research Center of An Najah University , partner of Med-EcoSuRe project, and is scheduled to take place on the 21st of July 2020, 11-12:30 AM Jerusalem time.


Topic: How to implement the techno-economic assesment of on-grid PV system?


Target audience

- Energy managers and technicians from the “Infrastructure and Buildings” departments in universities;

- Professors and students interested in techno-economic assesment of on-grid PV systems;

-Decision-makers/managers within the Energy and Natural Resources Authority in charge of energy efficiency in public buildings;

- Key Actors (experts, auditors, manufacturers, architects, etc.) with activities related to energy management in buildings.

- Public Bodies , companies ,and Municipalities engaged in energy efficiency interventions on public buildings


Issues to be addressed

- The objectives and the approach of the Mediterranean Cross Border Living Lab;

- Palestinian Renewable and Energy Efficiency Strategy;

- The legal framework of Palestinian regulation on energy efficiency in buildings;

- Implementation the techno-economic assessment of on-grid PV system;

- The benefits of energy renovation of buildings in students living comfort;

Invited speakers

Key national actors, namely the Palestinian Energy and Natural Resources Authority”PENRA” , The Palestinian Electricity Regulatory Council”PERC”, will be participating to the webinar to share their experience in elaborating and implementing the regulations in Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency in public buildings in Palestine , Representatives of Universities and research centers, technicians and expert of energy efficiency field will be present as well. 



The agenda of the webinar is available here


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