Med-EcoSuRe shares good practices to reduce Higher Education Buildings energy consumption in Palestine


On 14th February 2023, An-Najah National University conducted a training workshop on “good practices for the renovation of Higher Education Buildings in Palestine” within MED-EcoSuRe project activities, under the framework of ENI CBC MED Programme.

The training workshop highlighted the technical and economic impact of the implemented Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency systems at An-Najah Education buildings in Palestine, with a particular focus on the performance of solar PV systems, peformed energy audits, and the energy management strategy developed for ANNU university as a model for Zero emissions higher education buildings.

During the workshop, An-Najah University explained the methodology adopted and shared results of the case studies for conducting retrofitting actions in public buildings in Palestine.

Furthermore ANNU shared innovative tools for the planning and optimization of building retrofitting developed within the project focusing in particular on a decision aid tool that analyzes the current situation of the building (heating, cooling, DHW and Lighting) and proposes the most suitable options for building enabling to achieve significant energy savings, while maintaining the occupant's comfort.

Finally, a presentation was delivered on the status of renewable energy in Palestine and the Palestinian Energy and Natural Resources Authority-PENRA's plan until 2030, and also the master plan of Palestinian Electricity Transmission LTD - PETL in Generation & Transmission for 2030.