Med-EcoSuRe launches training for trainers on the optimization of energy renovation in university buildings


Med-EcoSuRe team launched, on the 16th of November 2021, a training to support the project partners and stakeholders, in identifying and implementing the best options for building refurbishing and improving operation control for achieving significant energy savings, while maintaining the occupant's comfort.

The training is designed and will be conducted based on an interactive decision aid tool, developed by the Thermothecnics Group at Thermal Energy Engineering  department of University of Seville, for selecting optimal renovation measures and planning building retrofitting in university buildings.

The training programme includes two-phases:

Phase I. Training of trainers: This first phase will be conducted by University of Seville, and is dedicated to the project partners which will be provided with the essential knowledge on the tool to offer an optimal learning environment for the stakeholders during the second phase of the training.

The first session of the training of trainers was held with the participation of all partners, where an introduction to the tool was shared, and the timeframe of the following sessions was defined.

The training of trainers will cover the period from November 23rd 2021 to January 2022.


Phase II. Training stakeholders: This second phase will be conducted by partners, who will ensure a number of training sessions targeting mainly the energy management staff within the university.

During the training, a number of pilot buildings will be selected from Tunisia, Palestine, Spain and Italy to serve as study cases.

The timeframe of the second phase of training will be defined once the first phase is accomplished.