Med-EcoSuRe introduces the grid-connected photovoltaic power plants installed in Palestine


An online info event, held on April 27, 2021, was organized by An-Najah National University, partner of Med-EcoSuRe, for the representatives of local universities and companies operating in Renewable Energy field. The objective of the event was to inform the participants about the Renewable Energy sector situation in Palestine and about the grid-connected photovoltaic power plants installed at An-Najah National University in the framework of Med-EcoSuRe.

During the info event, the challenges and opportunities of integrating renewable energies in Palestine were outlined including:

  • Potential for Solar Energy;
  • The situation of the Energy sector;
  • Renewable Energy resources Assessment;
  • Mechanisms for investment in Renewable Energy field;
  • New strategy foreseen for the period 2021-2030, in which the proposed plan will enable to save 3.5 million tons of CO2 each year.
  • Needed legislations and policies to facilitate the implementation of the proposed plans and strategies…

Figure.1.  Presentations : Med-EcoSuRe overview (Left), Renewable Energy sector in Palestine- challenges and opportunities (Right)


An-Najah University team highlighted the importance of setting up national strategies to facilitate the implementation of projects such as Med-EcoSuRe.

Med-EcoSuRe foreseen actions are in line with the proposed strategies in Palestine

The different activities performed at An-Najah University within Med-EcoSuRe were presented including the implementation of photovoltaic power plants on the rooftop of the university buildings. So far a capacity 220 kW of solar panels have been installed and 55 kW is under construction.

Experimental testing and numerical simulations have been carried out, and preliminary results were drawn to assess the performance of the power plants. In fact, the results showed that the Grid-connected systems have a total efficiency of 15% and an expected annual output of 284.5 MWh. Further studies will be carried out to for long term monitoring and assessment of the plant.

Figure.2. Presentations: Grid connected Photovoltaic power plants (Left) Evaluation of the buildings performance of An Najah University  


The info event was concluded with a discussion session aiming at sharing ideas and suggestions to disseminate the results obtained within Med-EcoSuRe and benefit from local initiatives and experiences. Following these discussions, it was decided to organize a national workshop, with the participation of several universities in Palestine in order to concreatize the axes of collaboration.

Visit Med-EcoSuRe website to get further information about the actions implemented with the aim to reduce the energy consumption and enhance the energy efficiency of university buildings.