Med-EcoSuRe helps solving the electricity supply shortages in the Faculty of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine in Palestine


In response to Tulkarem city crisis of electricity supply shortage, the Center for International Grants and Projects at An-Najah National University has implemented a Rooftop Solar Photovoltaic System at the Faculty of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine building as a decisive step and an example to follow in the city's buildings.

The 80 kWp PV system will provide about 160 MWh of renewable electricity annually. During the first year, it will offset 118,260 kg of carbon footprint, equivalent to the electricity consumed annually by about 135 houses. Furthermore, the system will supply around 70% of the estimated electricity used by Faculty building, and thus bringing long-term benefit to the university by reducing the electricity cost and the use of diesel fuel during the long hours of electricity cuts to provide better services to its students and staff.

This project is an integral part of the University’s goals of achieving net Zero value on the electricity bill and net zero carbon emissions, and of a commitment to be a national model for campus sustainability.