Med-EcoSuRe trains 16 Palestinian engineers on solar photovoltaic systems


An Najah National University, partner of Med-EcoSuRe project, has successfully concluded a training program on the design and implementation of Photovoltaic systems for a group of 16 engineers in Palestine.

The training program included three phases:

Phase I Design of Solar Photovoltaic Systems: Four training sessions were organized from 1st to 15th March2021. This first training phase was dedicated to technical assessments, installations,  site inspections, and impact of integrating photovoltaic systems in national electricity networks, with a focus on the use of computerized programs to design solar photovoltaic system applications.

Figure.1. Presentation of the process of implementation of Photovoltaic systems during the training

Phase II Feasibility and economic impact of implementing solar photovoltaic systems in Palestine: Building on the results and lessons learned from Med-EcoSure project, three training sessions were organized from 1st to 8th April 2021. This second training phase allowed participants to understand the socio-economic analysis, resource assessment,  data collection and analysis, and the feasibility of solar photovoltaic systems implemented in the framework of  Med-EcoSure project in Palestine. 

Phase III Site visits to the implemented Solar Photovoltaic Systems at An-Najah National University: The sites visits, organized on 25th April 2021, allowed participants to discover the installed power plants at the university, and to learn about the operation, management and maintenance of the solar panels and electrical systems.

Figure.2. Site visits to the Photovoltaic power plants installed at An Najah National University