Mechano-Tex for Innovation, matchmaking initiative promoted by TEX-MED ALLIANCES to encourage innovation in textile-clothing industry


There are numerous ways to innovate in textile clothing and many of these necessarily pass through the production machinery. It is, therefore, essential that the dialogue with the textile-mechanical companies is always lively and nourished by multiple realities such as those represented by the partners of the European TEX-MED ALLIANCES project.

Based on this conviction, Confindustria Toscana Nord, partner of TEX-MED ALLIANCES, organizes Mechano-Tex for Innovation which is the international brokerage matchmaking of TEX-MED ALLIANCES project, dedicated to the new technologies offered to textile and apparel industry by textile machinery producers and research centers. This meeting aims to connect textile and textile-clothing companies in the Mediterranean basin. The co-organizers of the event are Enterprise Europe Network, and Next Technology Tecnotessile

During the meeting, atendees will have the opportunity to make contact with textile machinery companies, technology centres, textile and clothing producers and other stakeholders from the Mediterranean textile world.

According to Susanna Leonelli, Project Coordinator of TEX-MED ALLIANCES, "a valuable opportunity for companies, who can present proposals, express ideas, and needs, create new contacts, and an important initiative for our project. Promoting innovation means making the textile-clothing sector increasingly efficient and sustainable: an essential hub of this path is the use of advanced machinery."

The event will take place in Prato, Italy on 25 May, but the hybrid on-site/online organizational formula will also allow remote participation by companies in the sectors concerned and research centers.

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