For me BEEP is...

The BEEP project has involved 8 entities located in Italy, Spain, Cyprus, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine and Egypt. In this video, several of the professionals involved in BEEP tell us briefly about their experience under the motto "For me BEEP is". In order of appearance:

  • Pepa Esparza Arbona, Project Manager at IVE (Spain)
  • Kristis Alexandrou, Researcher at CyI (Cyprus)
  • Nuria Matarredona Desantes, General Director at GVA (Spain)
  • Yazan Shamroukh, Project officer at PSSES (Palestine)
  • Farah El Mawla, PR and Communications Coordinator at LCEC (Lebanon)
  • Letizia Martinelli, Researcher at ISPC-CNR (Italy)
  • Sorina Mortada, Technical Consultant at LCEC (Lebanon)
  • Filippo Calcerano, Researcher at ISPC-CNR (Italy)
  • Hend Hazem, Junior Researcher (Egypt)
  • Dina Taha, Professor of Urban Design at Alexandria University (Egypt)
  • Georgios Artopoulos, Assistant Professor at CyI (Cyprus)
  • Eyad Abozalaf, Architect at CCHP (Palestine)
  • Zeyad El Sayad, Associate Professor of Architecture at Alexandria University (Egypt)
  • Anwar Hilal, Chairman of PSSES (Palestine)
  • Lucía Ramírez, Project Manager at IVE (Spain)
  • Rehab Ismail, PhD researcher in EJUST (Egypt)
  • Issam Juha, Director of CCHP (Palestine)
  • Marwa Omar, Architect / Researcher (Egypt)
  • Elena Gigliarelli, Architect at ISPC-CNR (Italy), BEEP coordinator

About the BEEP project:

BEEP project aims at strengthening the use of Building Information Modelling (BIM) to enhance energy efficiency in buildings. The testing of this emerging technology on built heritage will be performed to demonstrate its scalability to the entire building stock. The project will provide public administrations with a powerful method for the energy rehabilitation of public buildings to be supported with private funds through the Energy Performance Contracting (*). The project main outcome will be an innovative methodology based on the integration of emerging technologies tested on 9 heritage public buildings located in Italy, Spain, Cyprus, Jordan, Palestine, Lebanon, and Egypt.

(*) Energy performance contracting (EPC) is a mechanism for organising the energy efficiency financing. The EPC involves an Energy Service Company (ESCO) which provides various services, such as finances and guaranteed energy savings. The remuneration of the ESCO depends on the achievement of the guaranteed savings. The ESCO stays involved in the measurement and verification process for the energy savings in the repayment period. ESCO and energy performance contracting are mostly found in the public sector and to a lesser extent in the industrial and commercial building sectors (Hilke and Ryan, 2012). Source: European Comission

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