Management meeting: Sustainable MED Cities partners to present the sustainability tools development roadmap


The 2nd Project Meeting (6th Month) took place on 29th-30th March 2022. It was supposed to take place in Jordan but due to Covid-9 restrictions and flight connections, finally it was held online.

The Meeting was a very essential step, not only to examine the overall progress of the project, but also to start the project’s coming phase, which will handle the process of performing Local Project Committees (LPC) and the development of the SBTool, SNTool and SCTool (Sustainable Building Tool, Sustainable Neighbourhood Tool and Sustainable City Tool) in order to implement and monitor efficient measures, plans and strategies to improve the sustainability of buildings, neighbourhoods and cities.

The project is currently in the initial phase of technical activities. Among the activities initiated, we highlight:

· The indicators for the SBTool, SNTool and SCTool are being adapted to the municipalities of Sousse, Moukhtara and Lebanon in order to adapt the CESBA MED methodology.

· Local Project Committees have also been established in the three cities.The stakeholders within these Local Project Committees help and give feedback of additional issues to the CESBA MED Tools concerning the south-east Mediterranean area.

· In parallel, the SBE (Sustainable Buit Environment) conference that will take place on autumn in Sousse together with the 3rd Project Meeting. The SBE is a leading international series of conferences focusing on sustainable built environment.


The meeting was very useful to share all the points of view not only of the partners but also of the associated partners. The meeting was attended by representatives of all partners, associated partners (MedCities and Un Environment) and ENI Contact (the contact of the ENI program that supervises, helps and give feedbacks of the project development)..


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