Management meeting in Cyprus: U-SOLVE partners to present urban entrepreneurial ecosystem roadmaps


All U-SOLVE partners from Italy, Cyprus, Palestine, Jordan, Greece, and Egypt had their first physical, face-to-face meeting since the beginning of the project in Nicosia, Cyprus from the 7th to the 9th of October 2021.

The meeting was a very essential step, not only to examine the overall progress of the project, but also to start the project’s coming phase, which will handle the process of developing a survey that will assess the current status quo of the urban entrepreneurial ecosystems in all partner countries.

Together with desk review, the results of the surveys will allow each partner to release a report that will act like a roadmap for the development of urban entrepreneurial ecosystems.

The roadmaps, which are one of U-SOLVE’s main outputs, will present an analysis of ecosystems in terms of processes and networking, according to several aspects: business support, entrepreneurial mentality, human capital, financial resources, openness, relevance for specific SDGs. The aim is to identify the ecosystem’s strengths and design a set of measures to develop it for the creation of new impact-oriented enterprises.

During the 3-day meeting, the partners engaged in general and parallel sessions for the best possible examination of the project. In particular, they explored tools and methods for the project implementation in the next phases.