Co-Evolve4BG project opens a reflection on the mechanisms of long-term change in Littoralization and Urbanization at Mediterranean scale


In the framework of the Co-Evolve4BG project, and more specifically in the work carried out in relation to threats and enabling factors for maritime development and coastal tourism on a national scale, an analysis has been carried out on “Littoralization and Urbanization at Mediterranean scale”.

Mediterranean littoralization is the process of concentration of economic activities, population and settlements in coastal areas. The study has been carried out in Tunisia, Spain, Italy, Greece and Lebanon located strategically on the Mediterranean coasts. Co-Evolve4BG project has selected the following parameters of littoralization and urbanization to analyse at a Mediterranean scale:  Urban population growth, urban area growth, surface of urbanization.

Exploratory data analysis indicates a particularly complex regional framework with diversified intra- and inter country dimensions. A better knowledge of different Mediterranean countries scenarios opens up a key reflection on the intimate mechanisms of long-term change in urbanization over wider regions and may delineate opportunities for regional development policy. 

An uncontrolled Mediterranean littorization will probably get worse current problems as excessive land consumption, soil degradation, water exhaustion and pollution; inefficient waste management, which will effect on the environment and human health.