Let’s clean up the Feniglia beach, a rich environmental Italian heritage affected by marine litter

Piero Pelù - Picture © COMMON project

The Municipality of Orbetello (Italy), Legambiente, WWF and Sei Toscana - new manager of the integrated municipal waste service - in the presence of the Forestry Unit of the Carabinieri, have started an organizational phase for the extraordinary cleaning of the Feniglia beach, a rich environmental heritage in one of COMMON project pilot areas, to be held on January 4th, 2020 and which will see the participation of the well-known Italian singer and songwriter Piero Pelù

Established in the aftermath of Pelù's report relating to a massive presence of micro and macro plastics on the coast following a storm, the task force has the main purpose of raising awareness of citizens regarding the plastics problem and more generally of the waste at sea, as well as of course the removal of beached waste. Due to its naturalistic relevance, it’s not possible to get involved with the screening method and therefore the help of volunteers is needed, who as "sentinels of the sea" contribute to the restoration of this splendid beach. COMMON staff will be there.

The meeting with the volunteers is at 10.00. At the end of the press conference in which the organizers of the event will participate, an information point will be set up in which volunteers will be provided with all the necessary information and the kit for cleaning the beach which will end at around 1.00 pm. The collection will be made for plastic, glass and undifferentiated fractions. Given the fragility of the dune ecosystem, the cleaning of in the area in question and in the rear-dune area will be limited to a reduced number of volunteers established by the contact person of each team.

All information is available online on the websites www.comune.orbetello.grosseto.it, www.festambiente.it, www.wwf.it and on the official Facebook page of the event, a detailed vademecum in which volunteers will have the opportunity to know all the information necessary to carry out cleaning safely and with respect for the environment. Through the same channels will also provide all the logistical information useful for the proper conduct of the event.

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