Co-Evolve4BG project to unveil studies on maritime and coastal tourism in Lebanon during international environmental conference


Partners of Co-Evolve4BG from Lebanon will attend the 8th International Conference on Environmental Management, Engineering, Planning and Economics (CEMEPE) and at the SECOTOX Conference that will be jointly held in Thessaloniki, Greece, in June 2021.

The Lebanese partners “Ministry of Public Works & Transport” (MPWT) and “Al-Midan NGO” will present studies carried out in the framework of Co-Evoleve4BG to analyze the threats and enabling factors related to human activities and natural ecosystems about to the development of maritime and coastal tourism at the national scale in Lebanon. In total 16 reports will be issued regarding the following parameters:

(1)    The littoralization and urbanization of tourism areas
(2)    Tourists flows and the reception capacity of tourism structures in tourism areas 
(3)    Conflicts / synergies between the different land and sea uses and land–sea interaction in tourism areas
(4)    The well-being of tourists and health emergencies   
(5)    Cultural and natural heritage sites in tourism areas 
(6)    Transport and accessibility in tourism areas
(7)    Tourists well-being: prevention and control of infections 
(8)    Legislation and governance of tourism areas 
(9)    Maritime / coastal tourism and the local community 
(10)  Climate Change and morphological stability in tourism areas 
(11)  Pollution and anthropogenic pressures affecting ecosystems in tourism areas 
(12)  Safety and security challenges in tourism areas 
(13)  Habitat and endemic species in tourism areas
(14)  Coastal protection measures in tourism areas 
(15)  Protection of ecosystems in tourism areas
(16)  Water supply and water purification in tourism areas 

The methodology adopted and the results of the analysis of the sustainability of tourism in the Lebanese coastal areas in terms of human activities and natural ecosystems will be summarised during the seminar.

The meeting will be attended by Dr. Sana Abi Dib, project manager by partner Al-Midan of Co-Evolve4BG, and Dr. Nahed Msayleb, project manager of Co-Evolve4BG at MPWT.

The conference is designed to encourage the exchange of ideas and knowledge between diverse groups of the scientific community concerned by current issues in environmental science, engineering, and management.