Lebanon: MED GAIMS is about to launch a smart phone game for Mseilha fort visitors


The Mseilha fort is a medieval fortification established north of Batroun city. In 1624, Emir Fakhreddine ordered Sheikh Abi Nader al-Khazen to build and restore the Mseilha fort. After a few years of building and restoring the fortification, it ended up as the fort we know and see today. Comparing the Mseilha fort to other historical castles and forts, most tourists and even Lebanese citizens miss out on visiting the Mseilha fort. MED GAIMS is aiding in reviving the site and putting the Mseilha fort on every tourists’ bucket list. 

A Day in The Life of Shoujaa” is a smart phone game that is best played in the Mseilha premises. In an attempt to gamify the touristic experience for every Mseilha visitor, we developed Shoujaa, a citizen of the area. Shoujaa is a fictional character that can only be heard and not seen. Shoujaa welcomes the players from the start of their journey and guides them around the area. Shoujaa states information about the fort and explains what used to be done in the zone.

“A Day in The Life of Shoujaa” contains 9 games that each player has to complete in order to fully live the experience. The games vary between daily chores like growing wheat and shedding houses, cooking dishes and baking bread, to more military-oriented challenges like shooting enemies with arrows and planning army formations to defend the castle. Even the storytelling of the game transitions from completing daily citizen tasks, to defending the castle against charging enemies. Upon finishing all 9 games, players would have lived a full day in Shoujaa’s life.