Lebanon: CLIMA project raises awryness on sustainable waste management during to the Peach festival of Bikfaya


Summer just wouldn’t be summer without Bickfaya’s Peach Festival. It was the time to enjoy juicy peaches after being postponed for two long years due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Local farmers’ markets, roadside stands and grocery stores have blushing, sweet, fragrant, peaches. With the perfect combination of flavor and nutrition, where peaches can be enjoyed in appetizers, desserts and everything in between. 

The festival began on 09-07-22 and continued for three consecutive days, and was created by local peach farmers who wanted to promote their crops and showcase the different varieties of peaches grown in Bickfaya. 
The municipality is one of the pioneers in solid waste management within the country, having the Biclean facility dedicated to treating municipal waste, and recently focusing on composting.
The municipality, together with Biclean and the Lebanese ngo Arc-en-ciel, as part of the CLIMA project, set up a special booth during the festival, where the promotion of the 3Rs was strongly present, upcycled items were displayed such as piggy banks made out of old plastic gallons, and flyers were distributed focusing mainly on organic waste sorting.

The colorful impression that the booth gave had a special effect on children who were overly interested in what was displayed, asking all different questions about reducing, reusing and recycling.
Not limited to solid waste, the booth also focused on the promotion of organic fertilizers and compost, which is highly important since the municipality of Bickfaya recently inaugurated its composting unit inside the Biclean facility, within the scope of CLIMA project funded by the EU under the ENI CBC Med Programme.
This has given local farmers the opportunity to ensure the good quality of products, and contribute to the circular economy.
People had all sorts of ways to enjoy the event and celebrate peachy things. In addition, the festival included live entertainment and food trucks with categories for children and adults.
The festival gives Bickfaya’s peach growers an opportunity to bring more people in and for the local businesses to benefit from that as well.