Learn about Alternative Education in the MedRiSSE National Social Innovation Event in Tunisia

On Friday 17th of November 2023, the MedRiSSE partner Tunisian Center For Social Entrepreneurship (TCSE) organises a National Event entitled "Alternative Education on Social Innovation”.

This event will be distributed in two session, the first of them called “Collaboration and Advocacy for the Integration of Alternative Tools for Social Innovation Education” will focus on the introduction of alternative educational tools on Social Innovation and the foster of networking activities through gamification methods with speed dating methodology. The 1st session will finish with the presentation of the MedRiSSE policy brief “Promoting Social Entrepreneurship within Tunisia’s Educational System” and how it will be implemented as a policy advocacy activity.

In the afternoon session “Experimenting Alternative Tools for Social Innovation Education”, there will be taking place two different trainings with the aim of encouraging the integration of alternative education to university staff and CSO representatives.

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