Green, low-cost solutions for wastewater treatment: launching of the NAWAMED project in Latina, Italy


The kick-off meeting launching the NAWAMED project was held in Latina (Italy) on November 26th, 27th and 28th at the headquarters of the Province. 

Partners from Lebanon, Tunisia, and Jordan met the Italian project partners to discuss new green and low-cost solutions for wastewater recovery (storm water, recovered greywater) allowing the reuse of the treated water for toilet flushing and irrigation. The NAWAMED ("Nature Based Solutions for Domestic Water Reuse in Mediterranean Countries") project will work to spread the new techniques which, being low cost, could be easily adopted by citizens and stakeholders of the water management and building sectors.

During the press conference, Vincenzo Carnevale, Vice-President of the Province of Latina, pointed out that in an area with a strong agricultural vocation such as the Agro Pontino, although it is not an actual emergency, it is a top priority to encourage water savings and water reuse policies. Environmental sustainability policies also pass through water savings and thanks to phyto-purification treatments, the Province of Latina recently started in recovering this precious resource for domestic uses and irrigation.

It is a priority to encourage water savings and water reuse policies.

During the meeting, each partner presented its organisation and the planned pilot projects based on nature solutions to treat greywater:

  • Province of Latina (Italy), lead beneficiary of the project, is in charge of building a constructed wetland plant in Latina "ex Rossi Sud exhibition" center;
  • IRIDRA - Sustainable Water Management (Italy), the main provider of the  technical solutions for greywater treatment and reuse;
  • Svi.Med - Euro-Mediterranean Center for Sustainable Development (Italy), in charge of the communication and dissemination of the project results and of implementing a green phyto-purifying wall in the school of Ferla (Sicily);
  • CERTE - Centre des Recherches et des Technologies des Eaux  (Tunisia), responsible of the training and capacity building on sustainable domestic water management and in charge of building a green phyto-purifying wall in the student house of Tunis;
  • University of Jordan - Amman (Jordan), responsible for the implementation of two pilot plants in Jordan, one in the College of Engineering in Amman and one in the Jerash Municipal building;
  • Energy Water Agency (Malta), responsible for delivering a common Mediterranean policy perspective on sustainable waste management;
  • American University of Beirut (Lebanon), responsible for the implementation of three pilot plants in the main campus of the University,  and a refugee camp located in the Bekaa valley.

The meeting hosted also a representative of the ENI CBC Med Branch Office in Valencia, Ms. Laura Bas Marian, who illustrated the main technical and financial provisions for a smooth and efficient management of the NAWAMED project.

During the third day of the meeting, each partner discussed engineering aspects of the pilot plants and possible technical issues. The meeting ended with a visit to the pilot site area in Latina.

Stay tuned for more updated on the NAWAMED: