Keeping our beaches clean with CROSSDEV in Jordan


While the world is currently facing the disruptions caused by Coronavirus pandemic in our everyday lives, we cannot forget to protect our planet in every possible way.

JREDS, CROSSDEV partner for the Aqaba area (South Jordan), is fully committed in keeping our environment clean through an ongoing campaign aimed at removing marine litter from its local beaches.

Our sea weaves will only reflect the beauty of beach crystals!

Even during the pandemic, Aqaba remains the most attractive tourist destination for tourists in Jordan. This means its beaches are exposed to waste, especially solid waste such as plastic, which leads to the death and suffocation of the marine life

So, last 26th of July, Movenpick Resort&Spa Tala Bay and The Royal Marine Conservation Society of Jordan (JREDS) carried out the first phase of the cleanup campaign on the southern beach. 

Many of the hotel’s employees and JREDS volunteers participated in the event. It is worth noting that Movenpick Resort&Spa Tala Bay is one of the hotels that received the "Blue Flag" to mark high-quality standards accomplished, also thanks to JREDS’s monitoring and efforts throughout Jordan. 


Our motto: "Towards conserving cultural heritage, sustainable tourism and a safe environment".

Stay tuned for phase two of the campaign!


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