Jordan: U-SOLVE is looking for a Communication Officer and and External Auditor


Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST) is the jewel of the Jordanian universities. The university is part of a vibrant community of researchers, student and industrial partners who are working to improve the livelihood, education, and industry in Jordan and the region through research, local community engagement, and international scientific associations.

JUST among other partner has received a grant from the European Union under the umbrella of ENI CBC MED funding for a 30 months project entitled: U-SOLVE.

Accordingly, JUST intends to apply part of this grant for the outsourcing and employment of a highly qualified Communication Officer and a highly qualified External Auditor.

Assignment Objective:
JUST is now considering the selection of a highly qualified Communication Officer to be part of the project team responsible for the overall coordination and implementation of all project activities under the supervision of the Project Manager and the Projects Department.

JUST are looking for also for an External Auditor, all project expenditure shall be examined by the auditor, according to the control systems established at national level and to the requirements as laid down in article 32 of the Reg. (EU) 897/2014.

Time Frame: 30 months project

Place of Work: Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST)

Application: Apply by sending an e-mail to:,,

Job Vacancy Communication Officer

Job Vacancy External Auditor

Application Deadline: 3/4/2021