Jordan: MEDISS raises awareness of young people about the importance of water reuse


One of the main activities within the Mediterranean Integrated System For Water Supply (MEDISS) project is to raise awareness and gate support, and active engagement in water management (agricultural practices, non-conventional water supply, and sustainable development goals) and to enable the efficient application of MEDISS innovative solutions for local institutions and local communities. 

MEDISS partners are actively involved in the implementation of the programme. On Monday, 6 June, 2022, the Jordanian partner, Aqaba Water Company, organized and facilitated the Sixth Awareness Session for Tenth Secondary Mixed School management, teachers and students in the city of Aqaba, Jordan.

The most interesting topics considered by the attendees were: the proportions of drinkable water, how to use it correctly, the amount of water used in our daily habits, and the extent of the possibility of changing attitudes to contribute to saving water.

Awareness Programme Description

The main objective of this awareness campaign is to highlight how treated water will be used for agricultural purposes and the quality of new drinking water and saving methods. In addition, the session aims to transfer knowledge of how to use water efficiently and for the young pupils to be the mentor in the family to have the most significant impact. 

Workshop main activities

  • Opening and welcoming remarks to the participants by the Aqaba Water Awareness Officer in the company, Mr. Eyad Al Khasaweh
  • Overview of the project by the MEDISS Project Communication Expert, Mr. Nizar Akawi
  • Program and funder
  • Management and partners
  • Project duration
  • Objectives
  • Outcomes and outputs
  • Project output and water-saving by the Aqaba Water Awareness Officer in the Company, Mr. Eyad Al Khasawneh


The Awareness Session gave the participants an understanding of the main water challenges in Jordan. In addition, the session gave the participants all the information about the MEDISS project, how it’s essential to the agricultural sector in Wadi Araba (Jordan), and how to use water efficiently.