Job Vacancy - CROSSDEV: Communication and project assistant @ JREDS


JREDS is seeking for a qualified staff to cover the position of Communication and project assistant within the project: CROSSDEV - Cultural Routes for Sustainable Social and economic Development in Mediterranean.

Project Synopsis
The CROSSDEV project has the general aim of promoting policies and practices of sustainable tourism as a tool for the socio-economic development of territories and protection and enhancement of environmental historical and cultural heritages. The CROSSDEV project expects to increase touristic competitiveness & attractiveness of less known destinations, rural/depressed areas, in Italy (Sicily), Lebanon, Palestine and Jordan.

General Objective
Contributing to the economic and social development in Mediterranean, strengthening and enhancing sustainable tourism practices, emphasizing common heritages and resources.

Specific Objectives 

• Increasing attractiveness of less known touristic destinations in Mediterranean areas. Expected improvements are in terms of economic, income generating and job opportunities as well as social inclusion. Cross border synergies /collaborations will reinforce attractiveness of selected destinations.

• Diversifying the tourism offer with niche territorial assets, developing new Sustainable Tourist Products. A cross border perspective shall be adopted both for developing and marketing the Sustainable Tourism Products, to widen to the maximum extent the economic benefits for local communities. The CROSSDEV Project is funded by the European Union within the ENICBCMED Programme

Duration: 6/12 months renewable

Tentative starting date: last week of January 2020

Duty Station: Aqaba, Jordan  

Expiration date of the vacancy: 22nd of January 2020

Main Functions

Communication and project assistant will be responsible for the project communication strategy, publicity and dissemination activities, as well as organizing publicity activities, in close coordination with the Project Coordinator.

Among its functions 

  • Developing, managing, updating and coordinating the implementation of the Project Communication
  • Will take care of its implementation at all levels (e.g.: local, regional, national, transnational)
  • Supervising and monitoring the implementation of the Communication Plan and providing support and assistance when needed
  • Managing at the central/general project level the project communication activities such as digital communication (e.g. updating project webpages, posts on social media, etc.), relations with the press.
  • Development of dissemination/publicity printed and audiovisual material, organization of information and capitalization public events, etc.
  • Provide technical and logistical assistance to the project manager


  1. University degree (or equivalent) preferably in communications, engineering, public relations, humanities, environment science or a related field
  2. Demonstrated experience (minimum 2 years) in all or some of the following fields: communication, public relations, information and/or media, digital communication activities, relations with the press, development of dissemination/publicity printed and audiovisual material, organization of information and capitalization public events, and any other activity related to the position
  3. Knowledge of communication strategies as well as information, sensitization, contents editing techniques in the web and social networks (including knowledge of digital communication technologies)
  4. Experience, skills and knowledge of web and social media logics and technologies
  5. Excellent written and oral English communication skills
  6. Excellent reporting skills
  7. Excellent ability to write, edit /revise texts
  8. To be flexible, having a positive attitude and the ability to work under pressure, give a high commitment, and meet deadlines
  9. Capable of working both individually and as part of a team
  10. Conflict management ability, tactfulness, being self-disciplined
  11. Excellent inter-personal and public communication skills, and excellent intercultural communication attitudes
  12. To be able to travel in project areas/countries (Aqaba, Amman, or other countries), as needed

Interested candidates should send their CV, with any attachment and information considered as appropriate, to the following address:

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