ITALY: U-SOLVE is looking for an External Auditor


In view of the specific role played by Consorzio ARCA as lead partner in the "U-SOLVE" project, a selection procedure for an external auditor is open. "U-SOLVE - Urban sustainable development SOLutions Valuing Entreprenership" is a project financed by the ENI CBC MED Programme that aims at the creation of innovative enterprises in the urban areas of the Mediterranean, pursuing the objectives of sustainable development identified by the UN.

Scope of work: the person in charge will verify the expenses incurred by Consorzio ARCA in the framework of the "B_A.1.1_0183_U-SOLVE" Project, adopting the audit procedures and models provided and defined by the by the ENI CBC MED programme for each reference period, and issuing an INDIVIDUAL EXPENDITURE AND REVENUE VERIFICATION REPORT and a CONSOLIDATED EXPENDITURE AND REVENUE VERIFICATION REPORT for the whole partnership.

Interested parties can submit their applications by 16/07/2021

Download: Job Vacancies External Auditor