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Italy: RE-MED organizes a workshop on Circular Economy during the 18th International Symposium "Sardinia 2021"

In October 2021, at the 18th International Symposium On Waste Management And Sustainable Landfilling: Sardinia 2021, a workshop titled “Construction and demolition waste management in developing and lower-income countries: from a linear to a circular economic model” has been organised by Cerema (Lead beneficiary, France) which stands for Center for studies and Expertise on Risks, the Environment, Mobility and Urban planning (lead beneficiary, France), University of Palermo - italian partner, and American University of Beirut - Lebanon partner of the RE-MED project.

This workshop will bring together internationally recognised experts on circular economy, sustainable recycling, the construction and maintenance of roads, and waste management, from both industry and research institutions to share their expertise and experience with policy makers, researchers, and those in the private sector.

The aim of this workshop is to encourage the use of construction and demolition waste in road construction, and sustainable development in the road sector, by disseminating the requisite knowledge to those in a position to realise this goal.

The University of Palermo together with the project coordinator Cerema, plan to organise many future workshops and training events to promote the goals of the RE-MED project and we would like to express out gratitude to the organisers of the Sardinia 2021 conference for their support in granting us the space to provide this workshop.  

The next edition of Sardinia Symposium, organised by IWWG - International Waste Working Group, will be held from 11th to 15th October 2021 at the Forte Village Resort on the south coast of Sardinia, Italy.

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