Italy: NAWAMED to debate on the potential barriers for the use of Non Conventional Water Resources


Next Tuesday May 24th, public local authorities and key stakeholders of the Province of Latina will participate to the 1st NAWAMED Water Table, debating on the potential barriers for the use of Non Conventional Water Resources (NCWR).

During the online event Fabio Zaccarelli, Project Mamager of the NAWAMED project will present the project to the group, sharing with them the first results the project is already registering in its implementation concerning the innovative measures to treat and reuse rainwater and wastewater at urban level.

Maria Pietrobelli, CRAS srl, Applied Research Centre for Sustainable Development, will introduce the Water Table aims and foreseen activities. 

Giulio Conte, IRIDRA srl – NAWAMED partner, will illustrate the technical and regulatory barriers to the implementation of the interventions for the management and reuse of gray water. 

Stefano Magaudda, U-Space srl, Laboratory for the territorial development, will analyze the opportunities for the Pontine territory in the management and reuse of water resources, also comparing them with other initiatives already underway for the protection of water in the area.

Umberto Bernola, ATO 4 – Province of Latina, Territorial entity for the Integrated Water Service in Latina Province, will deepen the impact of the rainwater on the integrated water service.

The online event, from 15:00 to 17:30 CEST, is in Italian language and it is open to the invited public authorities and key stakeholders.
Nonetheless, if you are interested in participating, please send your request with your name and surname to the mail address 

Agenda of the event is downloadable here.