Italy: CLIMA implements the reusable cup campaign to reduce plastic production in seaside resorts


Summer, for most of us, especially means diving into the bluest sea, sunbathing or enjoying a happy hour on the seaside during the golden hour. Summer, for a seaside town, also means a higher waste production than the rest of year due to a staggering increase of its population. This is why Sestri Levante Municipality, lead beneficiary of the CLIMA project, proposed to all of the beach resorts actually working on its territory to join the Reusable Cup campaign. In partnership with the local startup Amico Bicchiere, which fabricates hard plastic cups for widely known events and fairs, the Municipality invited the beach resorts to replace disposable cups usually used to serve drinks, slushies and fresh fruit, with reusable cups.

To encourage the resorts to join the campaign, the Municipality offered to give every resort a standard set-up composed by 300 cups for free, challenging them to host events and happy hours where clients' drinks would be served using reusable cups only. The first Reusable Cup campaign edition, hosted in 2020, registered two participants only. However, they made an effort in hosting brand new events totally dedicated to the promotion of reusable cups. One of them hosted a few happy hours where cocktails were served in reusable cups only while the other one chose to throw an Eco-friendly slushies weekend at the end of August 2020.

This year, Sestri Levante Municipality has given the campaign another try and achieved to involve up to five beach resorts. From August to the end of September, beach resorts agreed to host a few more events dedicated to reusable cups and to share with CLIMA project staff pictures and videos showing clients' feedback regarding the initiative. Up to now, reusable cup campaign has been a success: beach resorts owners are happy to help in reducing plastic waste production and use while their clients gladly drink and eat from the hard plastic tumblers showing CLIMA project logo. 

The campaign is being successful also on social media. The new cups delivery was broadcasted live on CLIMA project Facebook profile and Sestri Levante Municipality Facebook profile also shared posts and pictures regarding the campaign. Beach resorts too were happy to share pictures of their clients drinking in reusable cups and even clients themselves posted Instagram stories and feeds showing them enjoying their drinks serve in reusable cups tagging Sestri Levante Municipality.