ISPC-CNR presentation of BEEP project at the event DIGITAL&BIM ITALIA

On November 22th 2019, ISPC-CNR presented BEEP project during the event DIGITAL&BIM Italia at Bologna Fair, that focused on recent digital technologies development with particular attention for Building Information Modelling (BIM), in collaboration with institutions, associations and some of the largest companies in the sector, also through interactive demonstrations, seminars, workshops, networking events and in-depth workshops. For the 2019 edition, 4.000 professionals have visited Digital&BIM ITALIA.
Within the seminar "Digital twins" on Digitalization and intervention on existing buildings, ISPC-CNR took part in the conference "La trasformazione digitale nel processo di riqualificazione del patrimonio esistente" (Digital transformation in the renovation process on existing asset), organized by the Research and Technology Hub STRESS S.c.a.r.l., which stands for Development of Research and Technologies for Sustainable and Seismically Safe Building, of which ISPC-CNR is a member.
ISPC-CNR presentation, titled "Heritage BIM for the energy improvement of built heritage in Mediterranean countries" described the overall structure and main topic of BEEP project. It focused on the challenges of using the BIM methodology in the management and renovation of historic buildings and the benefits of using BIM in its energy analysis and simulation.

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