IPMED in Tunisia organised a conference tackling Intellectual Property Rights


The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Tunis, Tunisian partner of IPMED, has organized on 23rd February 2023 a euro-Mediterranean conference called "Challenges for SMEs and new Entrepreneurs on the Global Market". The event brought together around 100 attendees from the academy, the industry, entrepreneurs as well as representatives from various business support institutions, from different countries of the Mediterranean region.

Several panels were dedicated to the debate around intellectual property in the field of industry.

“Intellectual property is a precious art. It is both a protection tool and a source of project development. With the emergence of technologies that are transforming the way we work, in an ever more interconnected digital world, intellectual property is an essential step for any type of project".

The conference was held as one of the main activities of IPMED project which aims at contributing to the development of the intellectual property of start-ups, SMEs and women entrepreneurs but also to the capacity building of stakeholders especially young and women entrepreneurs by raising their awareness of the principles of intellectual property rights.