IPMED takes part in a ENI CBC Med meeting to share info on how to improve start-ups environment in the Mediterranean


The Jordan Enterprise Development Corporation (JEDCO),  lead beneficiary of IPMED participated in the Cluster Meeting of the ongoing projects under the ENI CBC Med Programme priority dealing with start-ups and recently established enterprises . The meeting  was organized on Thursday 20th January 2022 by the Joint Technical Secretariat (JTS) of ENI CBC MED Programme.

The main objective was to foster the synergies and collaboration among projects and to maximize the impact ENI CBC MED projects can achieve. In addition to sharing outcomes, problems and strategies with other projects as well as with the JTS.

Several topics were discussed during the meeting which include creation and enhancement of a supportive environment for start-ups, showing the tools and best practices developed by each project; in addition to the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), the impact of sub grants and lessons learned so far, in addition to the capitalisation and sustainability of the actions implemented developed by the projects.