IPMED promotes Intellectual Property rights to entrepreneurs in the sustainable economy sector


The Jordan Enterprise Development Corporation (JEDCO), the lead beneficiary of "Intellectual Properties Capacities for Smart, Sustainable and Inclusive Growth in the Mediterranean Region” (IPMED) project, had participated in the Open Day on Sunday 5th of  July 2021 organised by MYSEA which focuses on the blue and green economy, and U-SOLVE, which focuses on urban sustainable development solutions valuing entrepreneurship. Both projects tackle youth unemployment and social inclusion in the Mediterranean region..

JEDCO had the opportunity to present also IPMED Project model which is implementing in partnership with Greece, Italy, Spain and Tunisia to develop small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), promote economic and social development and support innovative entrepreneurs’ projects.

IPMED aims to create new synergies in the Jordanian entrepreneurship and  innovation system and is aware of the importance of building synergies and cooperation with other projects to improve its work and knowledge and share good practices among participants.