IPMED in Italy: An Awareness Session organized by FILSE for Italian SMEs and Startups


The Finanziaria Ligure per lo Sviluppo Economico - FI.L.S.E. S.p.A. ,the Italian partner of IPMED held an awareness session in Genoa, Italy on Tuesday 11th April 2023 with a total of 20 attendees remotely and face to face, representing start-ups, MSMEs, young and women entrepreneurs, consultants, patent attorneys, technology transfer offices, business consultants, to facilitate them the access to Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), enhance commercialization, and strengthen IPR-related knowledge and awareness and concentrate on the trademark.

The attendees are invited to join the lecturers at BIC Incubatore di Genova where the awareness session took place. FILSE staff also manage the broadcasting experience and aiming to engage all the participants connected on the Zoom platform.

The awareness session addressed innovations protection and patents in particular. The lecturer gave a general overview of the fields of appliance for patents including requirements and exceptions, range of appliance and the governance of patents all over the world.

Several case studies were analyzed together with the attendees, who learnt how and why to register a brand or a trademark and the requirements to do it. A final activity was also held to engage attendees concerning another web research: a good chance to learn how to make a first skimming of the trademarks which are already registered.