IPMED in Italy: 12 participants representing Liguria entrepreneurs got aware of Intellectual Property Rights


The Financial Agency of Liguria Region "FILSE" the Italian partner of IPMED; held the 3rd awareness session on Friday 16th July 2021 virtually with a total of  12 attendees representing Liguria start-ups, young and women entrepreneurs to facilitate them access to Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), enhance commercialization, and strengthen IPR-related knowledge and awareness.

The awareness session was held on the occasion of "SMARTcup Academy", a full- two week immersion course dedicated to Liguria startups and business ideas enrolled for SMARTcup Liguria, the annual business plan competition organized by Regione Liguria and managed by FILSE.

The competing startups participated in the awareness session with the stakeholders and other parties whom are interested in IPMED project focusing on the specific topic "The Protection of a Brand".

The participants were interested and engaged with the speaker Daniela Barlocco and they had the opportunity to acquire relevant knowledge about intellectual property for a starting business,.

Valeria Rainisio, from FILSE, grabbed the occasion to close the seminar and aware all the participants about IPMED activities and the project's progress.