IPMED in Greece raised awareness to 35 participants representing SMEs and entrepreneurs on Intellectual Property Rights


The Thessaloniki Chamber of Commerce and Industry (TCCI), Greek partner of IPMED held the 6th awareness session on Tuesday 7th March 2023 virtually with a total of 35 attendees representing start-ups, MSMEs, young and women entrepreneurs, consultants, patent attorneys, technology transfer offices, business consultants, lawyers, academics, researchers, students mainly in the IT and software sector, to facilitate them the access to Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), enhance commercialization, and strengthen IPR-related knowledge and awareness.

Mr. Konstantinos Moraitidis, member of the Administrative Committee of the TCCI welcomed the participants and underlined the importance of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) for business.

Mr. Antonios Boumpoulas, TCCI Deputy Director of Statistics, Studies and Research explained IPMED's aims along with its activities.

Then, the main speaker, Mr. Ioannis Skoulikaris, founder of the business group "Patend Mind", consultant on intellectual property issues, and specialized trainer on patents related to software and artificial intelligence, made a presentation on "Strategies for the exploitation of industrial property rights with emphasis on patents related to Software and Artificial Intelligence".

Mr. Skoulikaris referred to the two categories of intellectual property rights (industrial property / copy rights), the basic parameters of the strategy that the company can apply in relation to them (choice of registration mechanism, geographical coverage, time scheduling, etc.), the conditions and procedures for their registration, but also their utilization and enforcement. Subsequently, Mr. Skoulikaris focused on the conditions for the patenting of software technology and artificial intelligence inventions and concluded his presentation by referring to the moves that a company should definitely make and those that it should avoid in order to be able to patent and commercially utilize a patent.

If you want to watch the session, you can find it here.