IPMED in Greece held its second meeting to review the regulatory environment for intellectual property


The Thessaloniki Chamber of Commerce and Industry (TCCI), greek partner of IPMED held its second session of the working group on Friday 21st January 2022 to present the conclusions that emerged from the answers of the Group members to the questionnaire on intellectual property issues.

The questionnaire was prepared by the TCCI, and focused and classified in terms of importance into two main topics: “Organization of the innovation ecosystem” and “Administration of justice”.

On the one hand, the organization of the innovation ecosystem involve some main topics and areas such as Patent Attorneys Training and Certification, Introduction of the "Industrial Property" course in Universities , Training of IPR valuation experts, appropriate staffing of Hellenic Industrial Property Organization, substantive examination of IPR applications and the creation of a company for commercial exploitation of research results.

On the other hand, the "Administration of justice" topic consist of some areas such as Training of judges in Industrial Property for the staffing of Special Departments, establishment of a Body of Certified Experts to be summoned during the Industrial Property and the promotion of Mediation and training of mediators.

A series of meetings will be continued to discuss the mentioned areas in the field of intellectual property, innovation and entrepreneurship to identify priorities and opportunities for developing laws related to intellectual property in Greece.