INVESTMED Access to Finance Workshop 4: Engaging with Business Angels and Venture Capitalists

The final workshop took place in October 2023 and focused on business angels and venture capitalists, inviting speakers from firms across the region and members of various business angel networks. The primary objective of this workshop was to facilitate knowledge-sharing and networking opportunities between start-ups, entrepreneurs, and potential investors, focusing on business angels and venture capitalists. By doing so, the workshop bridged the funding and knowledge gap and provide the necessary tools for entrepreneurs in the green, blue, and cultural and creative industries to access finance and scale their businesses.

The speakers were:

Antoun Mouawad, VP Investment at IM Fndng

Dr. Ayah El-Arief, Founder & CEO Ward, MENA Women’s Business Club Managing Director

Gaelle Yammine, Associate Director, Middle East Venture Partners

Awatef Adalet, Senior Business Analyst, Energy Sector and member of Damya Women Business Angel Network Tunisia

The session was moderated by Joanna Grodska, Project Manager at EMEA with the support of Kirsty Fairhurst, Communications and Research Officer and Elena Stotts-Lee, Junior Researcher at EMEA.