INVESTMED Access to Finance Workshop 1: Crowdfunding as a Source of Finance

On the 10th May 2023, the INVESTMED project held the first workshop in its series on access to finance for MSMEs and entrepreneurs in Egypt, Lebanon, and Tunisia. This first workshop introduced Crowdfunding as a Source of Finance. The workshop was organised by project partner, the Euro-Mediterranean Economists Association. 

Crowdfunding is increasingly recognised as a source of finance for MSMEs and startups and can be successful regardless of location. MSMEs in the Southern Mediterranean are able to take advantage of this flexibility and raise funds from mass sources. This session demonstrated the basic idea of crowdfunding and dove deeper into the best practices for MSMEs in the CCI, blue, and green economic sectors. The session invited four experts from these sectors who will give practical guidance to launching a successful crowdfunding campaign, using their platforms as examples:

Francesca Passeri, Deputy Director, EuroCrowd
Jonàs Sala, Partner, Verkami,
Rita Oliviera, Chief Marketing Officer at GoParity
Douja Gharbi, CEO, RedStart Tunisie

The session was moderated by Kirsty Fairhurst, Communication and Research Officer at EMEA.