Introducing iHERITAGE Project in Jordan: 2nd Living Labs session on holographic technologies

Narmeen Marji, ICT expert and AR/VR Developer at the Jordan Society for Scientific Research, Entrepreneurship and Creativity (JSSREC), holds the program's first introductory lecture on Holography, including its fundamentals, types, uses, available hardware, examples and how the holographic technology will be used within the iHERITAGE project. The presentation is followed by an informative Q&A session between participants. 

This session was part of a series of lectures hosted by the Jordanian project partner on intangible cultural heritage, AR/VR and Holography and includes top professionals in the sectors of innovative technology and tourism. participants from all backgrounds and industries are invited to attend and contribute to the development of new products within the iHERITAGE project. 

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