INTERNISA in Spain provided training in e-tourism


The Catalan Youth Agency (CYA) trained on the 15 November 2022 a total of 50 young people and 30 companies in e-tourism within the framework of INTERNISA, with the aim to improve their digital skills This training is the result of research carried out by the CYA to detect and diagnose the training needs in the field of digitalization. The analysis - which was carried out based on a survey and discussion groups with young people and entrepreneurs highlighted the importance of the digital factor when it comes to achieving greener and more profitable tourism companies, as well as improving the employment of the most vulnerable young people, such as migrant girls.

In addition to the training, young people prepared a diagnosis of the Catalan tourism sector to specify the digital needs of both the management teams and the workforce. Youth training within the framework of the EU-funded INTERNISA project has also included staff from the public sector. In total, 170 professionals from different profiles such as civic facilitators, youth employment representatives, and job, or youth guidance technicians have completed a 30-hours training course on emotional management and the digital world with the aim of promoting the insertion employment of the collective of young migrants.