Institutional opening of MedTOWN's Campolide time bank in Portugal

On Saturday 4 June 2022, Junta de Freguesia de Campolide (JFC), Portuguese partner of  MedTOWN project hosted the official institutional presentation of Campolide Time Bank.

When: 4th June 2022, 14h (Portugal time)
Where: Auditorio Adacio Pestana. Junta de Freguesia de Campolide

This presentation marks an important milestone for an initiative that is being co-produced within the framework of MedTOWN project, between Campolide Parish Board; GRAAL, an international women's movement with strong commitment and experience in Portugal with work-life conciliation through tools such as time banks and community networking; ADM Estrela a Social & Development Association - Social Solidarity private institution; and the Parcerias para o Impacto - Academy Moov Liberty; the Association of Residents of Alto da Serafina; Tempus Humanus Association and Chamar o Futuro Cooperative.

Most importantly, some Campolide neighbours, especially from Bela Flor area, were MedTOWN's Agroforest is situated, assume the commitment to support the dynamization of the Time Bank in the community.

On the session, we count on the presence of some new interested groups and instituions interested in joining the partnership: Social Action and Proximity to Neighbours of JFC, Externato Educação Popular and Projeto Cheios de Vida, NOVA IMS University, for example.

More detailed info about Campolide time bank here: MedTOWN launches Campolide Time Bank to improve community resilience and quality of life in Portugal

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