INNOMED-UP project support recycling in handicraft SMEs of Hebron and Nablus cities, Palestine

The film was produced as part of the activities related to the INNOMED-UP project, which focuses on the circular economy. In this context, the idea of smart tools, and pilot clusters was developed, implemented, organized, and training of craftsmen participating in the project in several fields such as: 3D printing, E-marketing, , photography, and design, with focus on traditional and historical crafts, in both cities of Hebron and Nablus was conducted to develop the ability of SME’S to work in the requirements of the current conditions experienced by the craft industries, and to develop their products in accordance with these requirements.

The number of clusters that being implemented are four clusters in the two cities. Moreover, each cluster will produce a joint artwork among the individuals participating in the cluster, using the knowledge and skills acquired during the training they received in the first phase of the project, and focusing on the foundations of circular economy, and using raw materials that can be recycled in the production of these artworks.

Enjoy watching the video.