INNOMED-UP: Birzeit University, Palestine promotes circular economy through the practices of local craftsmen and artisans

Birzeit University, as part of the "INNOMED-UP" project, funded by the European Union, provided 15 grants to craftsmen, aiming to promote the circular economy and recycling in Palestine. These grants include cross-border grants, Pilot clusters, and innovation vouchers. Mohammed Al-Jaabari, one of the benefiting craftsmen, utilized the cross-border travel grant to learn about speaker manufacturing in Turkey, subsequently enhancing his products in the field of automobiles boxes, and household closets. On the other hand, Maher Shahin improved his glass mosaic skills through a circular economy industries course in Turkey and started employing this rare skill in Palestine. Fida’ Gaith and her team, were able to develop artistic products through the pilot cluster grant. while Rania Saymeh benefited from the Innovation voucher grant by advancing her recycling project for cans. Hiba Zawaie and her team transformed old clothes into innovative products, while Fadi Al-Atawneh enhanced his project in recycling wooden keys using the innovation voucher. Al last, Omar Al-Jaabari added he effectively utilized the innovation voucher to enhance his project in traditional decor manufacturing. These grants have significantly contributed to bolstering the circular economy and recycling efforts in Palestine.