Improving access to water: MENAWARA project highlights of the local and transnational impact in the Mediterranean region

MENAWARA “Non Conventional WAter Re-use in Agriculture in MEditerranean countries” is an ENI CBC MED project designed to improve access to water through the treatment of Non Conventional water (NCW) for complementary irrigation, to reduce contamination and to strengthen the capacity of governmental institutions, non-state actors operating in the sector, technicians, and farmers. Demonstration fields of the target areas of Italy, Palestine, Jordan, Tunisia, Spain have been equipped with effective technologies and techniques adapted to the local context and tailored to the use of non conventional water. Using NCW as an input for agricultural production has required some adaptations both in the agricultural practices, the irrigation techniques, and the governance bodies. Living Labs have been the appropriate learning space through a social innovation by gathering a network of public and private stakeholders. MENAWARA project partners carrying out research, technical implementation, knowledge exchange and cooperation are contributing to achieving the 6th sustainable development goal set by the United Nations: "to ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all".