PROSIM: 89 farmers to benefit from the implementation of drip irrigation systems in Jordan, Lebanon, Tunisia, Spain, and Italy


PROSIM project activities support the demonstration and dissemination of irrigation solutions that can improve water use efficiency and encourage the use of non-conventional water in the Mediterranean area. One of the irrigation technologies that will be used is the drip irrigation.

Drip irrigation is an efficient way to irrigate. It allows to deliver precise volumes of nutrient water directly to the root systems. As a technology to increase water use efficiency, drip irrigation allows for water to be evenly distributed to all crops whether in open field or under greenhouses.

Moreover, when used with non-conventional water such as treated wastewater and brackish water, drip irrigation system is one of the most suitable technique to be used without significant yield loss. Indeed, Drip irrigation system avoid foliar wetting and consequently any potential leaf damage and yield reduction. Also, the drip irrigation system allows to maintain high soil water potential through the growing season and minimize the effect of salinity.

The drip irrigation system will be implemented by the project with conventional and non-conventional water in all the PROSIM project countries namely, Jordan, Lebanon, Tunisia, Spain, and Italy and integrated with different technologies to enhance water resource management.

Combined with other irrigation technologies implemented by the PROSIM Project, 89 farmers will directly benefit from the implementation of drip irrigation systems and will cover 34.25 ha of vegetables on open field and greenhouses and fruit trees. These implementing technologies will serve as demonstrations plots to be used to ensure knowledge transfer to 80 participants among representatives of farmers associations and water usage associations.