"If we share our knowledge, we will be able to improve the quality of our products" Juan Pedro Campello, ARTOLIO farmer from Jaen (Spain)


As a project, one of ARTOLIO’s main strengths is its ability of its participants to cooperate and help each other. Teamwork is essential nowadays for farmers to withstand the current economic and environmental conditions. Sharing knowledge and resources in a professional field that is slowly aging can determine the survival of that business model. Our farmers know this well, and that is why in each region participating in the project, teamwork is greatly encouraged.

Juan Pedro Campello, ARTOLIO partner of Jaen (Spain) joined the project through Sebastian Sanchez, the Spanish regional manager. At the beginning of his career, despite his family being traditionally drawn to the cultivation of olive trees, Juan was not interested in working as a farmer. Instead, he studied to be a forestry technical engineer. After a few years working abroad, he decided to go back to Spain and take the reins of his father’s fields and company. Now he works on his own fields, with olive trees of the picual variety, while he manages a few cooperatives centered around olive oil production.

“I heard about the project thanks to Sebastián, and joined because I thought it would be a great opportunity to build relationships with other farmers of my area. If we share our knowledge, we will be able to improve the quality of our products, and it is already showing” adds Juan, when asked about his participation in the project. Additionally, he has found great support in the Spanish team, especially after the recollection period of this year’s harvest, since they have been keeping a stable monitoring of the quality of the oil. 

“This experience and my partnership with the Spanish team has led me to consider turning my production into a more eco-friendly business, given the right time and with the counseling of the team.” When given the chance, the right motivation and the collaboration of a well placed team, the possibilities of improving and adapting to the new generation of farming are endless.