The Healthcare Textile Digital Cluster in the Mediterranean, a new initiative of TEX-MED ALLIANCES


The TEX-MED ALLIANCES project, through its partner in Tunisia, MFC Pole, presents a new initiative to foster cooperation and business between companies in the textile industry in the Mediterranean basin. On this particular occasion, it is the Digital Cluster on Healthcare Textiles.

The launching will take place on the 25th of January in MFC POLE Competitiveness Pole of Monastir El Fejja (Tunis, Tunisia), partner of the TEX-MED ALLIANCES project and responsible for this initiative. This event will be also streamed online.

The TEX-MED ALLIANCES Project, funded by the European Union, aims to create Textile Alliances in the Mediterranean for business development, focusing on three main areas: Internationalisation, Innovation, and Circular Economy. This Tunisian initiative is framed in the area of Circular Economy. 

The event is an interesting opportunity for attendees, including SMEs to discover the Digital Healthcare Textile Cluster in the Mediterranean and its opportunities and services.

Objectives of the Cluster:

This digital cluster aims to foster cooperation between textile companies within the healthcare sector. Allowing its members to interact with potential partners of the cluster and to create cooperation alliances both for the self-supply of textile components and/or the acquisition of finished textile-medical products. The cluster will ensure high-quality products that are manufactured rigorously and offer the required safety for this technical product. Another objective is to establish a network of professionals for local production and supply.

It will also promote the development of the sector in all the value chain, through business collaboration to create strategic alliances that strengthen the health textile production.

The digital cluster aims to be a tool of institutional and governmental interest that can provide a quick response to the market in Health Emergencies. It is an initiative that wants to foresee future healthcare products shortage as the ones suffered by the textile industry in particular, and the population in general during the pandemic. 

Another interesting mission of the cluster will be the support to the technical and technological development of medical textiles, promoting innovation and inducing new capacities and new competencies oriented to the market demand, as well as serving as a space of interest for both, the textile industrial sector and governmental institutions concerning the typology of manufactured product and productive capacities available in each of the regions that inhabit the Mediterranean basin.


The Cluster presentation goals:

Definition of the Concept of the Digital Health Textile Cluster in the Mediterranean, its services, and how members will benefit from being part of it.
Demonstration of the digital cluster and exploration of its different sessions.
Encourage SMEs to become part of the Digital Health Textile Cluster in the Mediterranean.
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This online event will be followed by a Symposium on health emergencies and a participation event among cluster members, to be organized in Tunis before May 2022.